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Following a comment on Tuesday’s blog post from Robyn about kids and creativity, I’ve been thinking about creative things to do with the kids in the school holidays which start today here. All three of my children have shown interest in sewing, perhaps unsurprisingly given my own making.

Ms 12 is getting quite competent with the sewing machine. She made Christmas gifts for her little cousins (although not for the big boys who, I think she felt, would not appreciate them so much!) and for her dad and me. She already has a few projects in mind for these holidays.

A few weeks ago I shared a picture of Mr Owlie that Mr8 and I made together. And a couple of weekends ago Mr10 asked to make a stuffed OX ugly doll. That project ended up being a bit too fiddly for him to do a lot of but he helped where he could. So I have been looking for projects the boys could manage largely on their own. So many kids sewing projects are directed at girls so I thought I’d make a list of ten ideas for sewing with boys and post them here today.

Ten Things to Sew With Boys

  1. Keychains from Craftiness is not Optional (what a great blog title!) Manipulating the machine around curves is tricky so take it slow and don’t be afraid to lift the foot to turn the fabric (leaving the needle in the fabric). And if that is too tricky, there is nothing wrong with making square or rectangular keychains!
  2. Softie Friends from Cuteaznprincesses on Instructables.com. Just be aware of keeping the shapes pretty simple and largish. Fingers, for example, are very tricky to sew around!
  3. Drawstring bags for Playing/Trading cards. The boys are so into Pokemon and Magic The Gathering at the moment. They keep their cards together with elastic bands – or rather they don’t keep their cards together with elastic bands – so they need something a bit more durable. Here’s a tutorial from Burda Style for simple drawstring bags. There is no need to make the drawstring though if you have cord you could use.
  4. Tic, tac, toe. The making of this game by Stacy Vaughn might last longer than the game will hold their interest but ‘it’s the process, not the product’ that is important! I’d probably use buttons instead of pebbles.
  5. Pocket hand warmers. Winter is coming! No, not a Game of Thrones reference! It really is here in Australia and this week in Canberra the ‘when do you turn the heating on’ discussion has been as heated (no pun intended!) as it is every year. For the record, we were not strong enough to wait until ANZAC day! And the boys might like to make me some of these hand warmers from V and Co for those cold mornings by the soccer or rugby field! Or they could create a game of bean bag toss.
    handwarmers header1
  6. Bookmarks by 7LayerStudio. My boys are always searching for a bookmark just as I say “lights out”! Actually, sometime after I say “lights out” just as I want them settling down in bed not searching through the house!
  7. Belts by Crazy Little Projects. This might encourage them to wear a belt rather than run around with their pants falling down!
  8. Pocket scarf from A Girl with a Glue Gun. This is a sewing project – no glue gun involved but what a great idea for little boys with cold hands and necks! No gloves to lose!
  9. Finger puppets by Handmade Charlotte. I don’t think my boys have quite out-grown these yet and so many creative opportunities with this project! Size them up for hand puppets.
  10. Minecraft Creeper Face Pillow by Existitchialism on Craftsy. This one might be a more challenging project but Minecraft usually holds their attention for hours – why not this! This is a pattern for sale but I think I can try it without instructions. If you don’t feel confident to tackle it without instructions it isn’t expensive.

Have fun! Let me know if you try any of the sewing projects for boys!

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