Christmas Gift Guide 2015

Do you still have Christmas shopping to do? I think only the super organised would be done by now. A round of applause if you are one of them. I’m not there yet so I’ve been trawling my favourite Etsy and online shops for gift ideas and I thought I would share some with you. They might help you get across the 25 December finish line! Here’s my pick of Australian handmade gifts.

Up-cycled Spoon Pendant by JAC Jewellery

$30 from JAC Jewellery on Etsy

Jess has a huge range of images and colours in her spoon necklaces. This bird on a branch looks like it is silhouetted against a sunset sky.

JAC Jewellery


Sugar Glider Cushion Cover by Bursaria Workshop

$55 from Bursaria Workshop on Etsy

Abby’s images are cute and clever depictions of the animals around her home. Turn this cushion over and you get the adorable backside view!

Bursaria Workshop

Bike Chain Cufflinks by Tread & Pedals

$70 from Tread & Pedals

As you might guess from the name of their shop, Emma & Ivan create their clocks, jewellery and accessories from bike parts – perfect for the cyclist in the family.

Tread & Pedals

Chocolate Molecule Necklace by Cranky Bot

$29.99 from Cranky Bot

Alastair and Ruth create wearable geekery with their hardworking laser cutter. Their molecule necklaces feature the chemical structures of things such as serotonin, caffeine, alcohol. But my personal favourite is chocolate – of course.

Cranky Bot

2 Jar Wooden Caddy by Wood & Wax Studios

$25 from Wood & Wax Studios on Etsy

Carrin and Michael are the two halves of Wood and Wax. They have a gorgeous range of candles as you might expect from the name of their shop but this beautifully finished timber holds jars instead of candles to make a stunning caddy for the bathroom or office.

Wood & Wax

Ladybird Mini Tote Bag & Purse by Vicki Elle

$44 from Vicki Elle on Etsy

Vicki creates adorable bags for little girls. I can’t go past ladybugs maybe because I love black and white. This is great for the little girl who isn’t so much into pink (as was the case with my little girl) but there is plenty of pink on offer too!

Vicki Elle

Lemongrass Fused Glass Serving Set by In My Element

$69 from In My Element

Glass artist Janet creates beautiful bowls, platters, jewellery and wall art in stunning colours.

In My Element

Scrabble Wall Art by Twice Designs

$130 from Twice Designs

Sarah sources all kinds of fabulous retro items to create her wall art. Being a Scrabble lover, I particularly love her Scrabble wall art. This one will appeal to the Trekkie in your family!

Twice Designs

Super Hero Cape and Mask by Gracie Oliver

$35 from Gracie Oliver

Rachael creates gorgeous clothing and gifts for children in fun colours and patterns. Do you have a little one in your life who is really an undercover superhero? Gracie Oliver has just the thing!

Gracie Oliver

Bea the Bee-autiful Bee Sock Doll by Sew In The Moment

$48 from Sew In The Moment

All the sock dolls that Miriam makes have a story and real personality. A gorgeous gift for a loved one, young or old.

Sew In The Moment

Hopefully there is a little something for everyone in this little round-up for Christmas. Blue Radish also has some new listings on Etsy which might be just the thing for someone still left on your Christmas list. Good luck with the final countdown!

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