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Father’s Day is coming up on Sunday, 4th September so there is still lots of time to help the kids make something special for dad. The pride on my kids’ faces when they watch me unwrap something they have bought or made themselves is the best present I could ever receive for Mother’s Day and I know their dad feels the same. But there are lots of naff ideas out there for DIY Father’s Day gifts, so I am putting together a list of ten ideas that he will love to receive just as I did for mum’s on Mother’s Day earlier this year.

Sharpie Monogram Mug

Sharpie MugMy husband came home sad the other day because he had dropped his “work mug” that he had been using for something like 15 years and smashed it. Father’s Day is just the time for a replacement don’t you think? I love the simple but effective design created by Glued to My Crafts using oil based Sharpie™ Paint pens. Now, I don’t know if you can get these in Australia but don’t bother using regular Sharpies for this project. I love Sharpies and projects for creating designs on ceramics with them are all over Pinterest but further investigation reveals detailed blog posts (such as this one) testing the method and finding it lacking. Any ceramics that will be washed will not hold on to their Sharpie design long.

So, if you are going to create this project look for paint pens that specifically state they are suitable for ceramics.

Drink Coasters

Stencilled CoastersHaving said all that about Sharpies, this project by Beckham+Belle uses them to stencil a very gentlemanly design onto purchased coasters. My husband is really into making cocktails (he doesn’t mind drinking them either and I am very willing to join him) so these would make a great gift. Just bear in mind my advice about using the suitable paint for the purpose. Coasters are rarely washed so regular Sharpies might be OK on this occasion.

Finger Print Memory Art

fingerprint artThis is a lovely idea from Small Fry which will have the kids involved but will require some photo editing skills on your part. If you don’t have access to Photoshop (and as it costs a pretty penny you’d have to be a serious photographer to outlay for it) there is a free photo editing program called Gimp which I have used in the past and found very powerful.

Orange Clove Gardener’s Soap

gardeners-hand-soap-barI haven’t ever made soap but this post by A Cultivated Nest makes it look easy. Kids will love making these with your help.

Clay Pot Lighthouse

LighthousesAnother one for the gardener dad, these Clay Pot Lighthouses by Empress of Dirt are really fun.

Lego Photo Pen Holder

Lego Photo Pen HolderSo my husband is just a big kid at heart when it comes to Lego™. He couldn’t wait for the kids to be old enough to have their first Lego set. Now it migrates all over the house his feelings about Lego have changed somewhat but I think he would still appreciate this pen holder gift (by Lalymom) for his desk at work.

R2-D2 Pencil Holder


Or maybe dad is a Star Wars tragic from way back (I feel your pain!) This project by Crafts by Amanda might be the pen holder for him. Of course you can tailor this to any obsession.

Lego Cufflinks

Lego cufflinksMore in the Lego theme with these cufflinks by Poppy Chic Designs. But all sorts of things can be stuck onto cuff link blanks which are readily available on Etsy. Here is one Australian shop selling them. Glue on whatever dad is into. What about guitar picks, small hardware, dice, buttons, game pieces? The kids could press their fingerprint into a circle of Fimo™. Or go steampunk with watch movements. There are also blanks into which you can insert photos, maps, words or your child’s miniature artwork. So many fun options!

Monster Heat Pack

Monster Heat PackI love this cute looking monster heat pack from Tally’s Treasury. They would appeal to a dad with a silly side (and there are plenty of those around).

Paracord Buddy Keychain

paracordkeyring1Here’s a keychain with a difference from Craft and Creativity. The kids will have lots of fun tying these and probably giving them names too!

So there you have ten ideas for you and your kids to make for Father’s Day. I hope these give you lots of inspiration. Check out my Mother’s Day post too because there are ideas there that will be suitable for dads too.

Plus I have a Pinterest board dedicated to Mothers and Fathers Day gift making with loads more ideas.

Have fun and make sure you share what you create – after Father’s Day of course!

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