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Here is what customers are saying about Blue Radish…

Purple Mauve Flower Bud Journal Cover Square-1“Blue Radish is the perfect fusion of form and function. I love that all Blue Radish products are totally handmade….the designs are hand drawn…then manually screen printed on quality fabric….then lovingly handcrafted into beautiful and useful things. You can’t say that confidently about many products these days!! I have bought Blue Radish products for lots of my family and feel so proud to be giving a lovingly handmade gift while also supporting a local business. Rebecca is so talented, and wonderful at helping you choose just the right gift from her expanding range, or she can make to order! Blue Radish products just make me smile!” Angie

“Fantastic quality. Sewn beautifully. It’s exactly as pictured and exactly what I wanted. Thank you.” KatrinaBlue Three Feather Cushion Square-1

“Loved the design of the article, and the quality of the material and ‘workpersonship’. A useful work of art!” Larissa

“I have purchased a few Blue Radish products now and I don’t think I have a favourite, I love them all! I think the designs are elegant and beautiful. I love the colour choices.  The quality of the fabric, printing and sewing are all Triple A. I have a lovely dandelion pillow on my bed, gorgeous Kangaroo Paw linen napkins for my fancy dinner table, a tea towel that I don’t use because I want to hang it on the wall and a gum nut journal cover that I use daily. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Blue Radish products!” Cindy

“Could not be happier with my doorstop. Thank you for going the extra mile to custom make something which suits my house perfectly. Highly recommended!” Kerri

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