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New and Improved Blue Radish Insulated Lunch Totes

Blue Radish Insulated Lunch Totes have been out of stock for some months now while I worked on improvements. I'm very pleased to say that they are now back in stock. Introducing the new and improved Blue Radish Insulated Lunch Totes.

Waterproof lining

Previously the insulated lunch totes were lined with a printed cotton. I have now sourced an Australian made waterproof fabric to line the bags. The fabric is called PUL and is commonly used in reusable fitted nappies. The bags do have seams so they won't hold liquid completely but they will keep minor leakages at bay and will be easier to clean than the cotton lined bags.

What is PUL?

PUL is an acronym for PolyUrethane Lamination. Essentially a layer of plastic is bonded to the fabric to make a waterproof layer.

Is it food-safe?

Yes. The BPAs that are so undesirable in food containers are a different type of plastic altogether so no BPAs here! It is also phthalate free.

What insulation is used in the lunch tote?

The insulation used is the same product I have been using for a long time. It is called Insul-Bright and contains a foil layer bonded to the wadding to reflect heat or cold back into the bag. It is the same insulation I use in the Wine Totes. Due to the metal layer, though, do not use the lunch tote in the microwave.

Wider base

Finally, I have made the base of the bag a little wider. I have always been able to fit my containers into my lunch tote but I have had feedback that if the base were a little bigger, it would be easier to accommodate some popular lunch containers. Therefore I have increased the size of the base of the bag while also allowing for waste-free fabric cutting.

The new insulated lunch totes are now available in the Blue Radish store.

Blue Radish Insulated Lunch Totes

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