Why are Linen Tea Towels Better?

Why are linen tea towels better Blog Post by Blue Radish

I can’t tell you how many times I am told “linen tea towels are the best”! Customers frequently approach me at markets to say they only use linen tea towels. But what makes them better? Let’s consider six ways...

Linen tea towels are strong

Linen fibres are strong. In fact they are stronger when they are wet. How perfect is that property in a tea towel? They do not stretch and won’t be damaged by the abrasion of everyday use.

Linen tea towels are absorbent

I have seen it quoted that linen can absorb moisture up to 20% of its weight. And the absorbency of a linen tea towel actually increases as it is used, that is, its drying performance improves while you are using it and it gets a little damp.

Linen tea towels are lint-free

Linen fibres are smooth which means that linen fabric will not shed fibre particles during use. Lint-free tea towels are, of course, ideal for drying glassware items.

why linen tea towels are better Blue Radish blogLinen tea towels are insect-resistant

Moths and other bugs are not keen on linen so insect damage is less likely. (Britannica.com) Bear in mind, though, that it is susceptible to mildew so make sure your tea towels are thoroughly dry before storage.

Linen tea towels are environmentally-friendly

The production of flax, the plant from which linen is made, requires less water and chemicals than cotton. A linen crop also produces are greater amount of fibre than a equivalent cotton crop (read more at Tortoise and Lady Grey). Did you know, also, that the entire flax plant can be used in different ways?

Linen tea towels improve with age

Linen tea towels will soften with washing. The screen printed design on Blue Radish tea towels is also washable. I use the highest quality Permaset brand inks. My products are thoroughly heat-set to make the printed image permanent on the fabric.

I have a large range of beautiful linen tea towels in my online shop.

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