Meet the Mug Minder

Meet the Mug Minder Reusable Coffee Cup Protection

Reusable Coffee Cup Protection with the Mug Minder

The Mug Minder keeps your ceramic or glass coffee cup snug in your bag so you can carry it with you to use when it is time for your caffeine hit. It is reusable coffee cup protection with style.

Did you watch the ABC’s War on Waste? It shocked me to discover that take-away coffee cups are not recyclable due to the waterproofing plastic layer on the inside. I had always thought they were. The fact that they are often pictured on the recyclables bins was obviously misleading. Some debate has insued since the program aired about whether they are actually recyclable or not (it may depend on where you live and the recycling company contracted to your local government area) but to reduce our use of single use items is clearly a more sustainable and environmentally responsible thing to do anyway.

Enter the Mug Minder. To avoid disposable coffee cups, you need to either ‘drink in’ or bring your own. Well, often we are just grabbing a cuppa on the run so ‘drinking in’ is not the solution most of the time. But there are a couple of issues with bringing your own reusable coffee cup, other than remembering to do so. Firstly, do you worry that your cup might be damaged rattling around in your bag or car? Secondly, do you hesitate to put your used cup directly into your bag due to the risk of drips from the remnants of your coffee that, no matter how hard we try to drain it, remain in the cup?

Mug Minder cup protector Blue Succulent design Blue RadishMug Minder Features

I designed the Mug Minder to protect both your cup and your bag when you take your reusable cup with you. It has a layer of padding to give your mug some knock protection and a food-safe, waterproof lining to protect your bag from drips. The drawstring closure will help to contain drips too.

So, if you are ready to protect your cup, your bag and the Earth, check out the Mug Minder listings in my shop. They are currently available in six colour and pattern variations.

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