New Direction for Blue Radish

New Direction for Blue Radish

Blue Radish is going through some changes. I'd like to outline some of them and some of the reasons behind them.

Physical Blue Radish products are being discontinued

Perhaps the most surprising change for Blue Radish is that, after much consideration, I have decided to stop making a physical product. Yes, my tablelinen and homewares products were the centre of my brand so this was a difficult decision but, to be honest, I have struggled with selling a physical product for a long time.

My personal principles are quite non-consumerist and in the last year or so my commitment to living a more sustainable life has strengthened considerably. If you are interested in that journey, you might like to follow along with the Family Footprint Project, my new blog-on-the-way for families wanting to live more sustainably. Although I appreciate that my Blue Radish products do have a place in a sustainable community, I find it hard to market a consumer product successfully due to my own personal principles.

I still thoroughly support buying from small, independent hand makers for those things one consciously chooses or needs to buy and I will certainly continue to do so when I can. I am incredibly inspired by the handmade community of which I have become a part and remain tremendously supportive of the creative people who are brave enough to put their beautiful work out into the world and who work hard to promote small independent business in a market filled with multi-national corporations.

Thank you for the times when you have chosen my own Blue Radish products over those offered by the big corporations. Please know that your items were designed and made with love and joy!

My online shop is now closed and the remainder of my Blue Radish stock will be available on Etsy shortly.

So what is next for the Blue Radish brand?

Well Blue Radish was born as a result of my creative output. The brand developed and 'niched down' over time but my creative drive has not waned. Nor has my belief in the power of creativity to improve wellbeing - not to mention that it is just really good fun. I'm still working out the details but the focus of Blue Radish will turn more towards enabling and encouraging your creativity. I expect to do this by continuing to offer creative workshops in person, adding more tutorials and posts to my blog and maybe even teaching classes online via something like Skillshare (affiliate link - meaning if you join Skillshare, I earn a month free). Just how I will focus my personal creative output in addition to this is still sketchy but reopening my Etsy shop with digital products such as downloadable art is one thing I am considering.

I have also started an additional business for helping other small businesses get started and grow with a particular focus on ensuring that the business looks great on- and offline. If you or someone you know would find this service useful, please check out Turtle Virtual Services.

But here at Blue Radish I look forward to bringing you inspiring content to help you along your own creative path. And I'll be sure to let you know when I have my creative work for sale again. It is going to take me a little while to pin down exactly where Blue Radish is going so if you'd like to know when things start to roll, please join my Blue Radish VIP email list using the form below and, if you have something that you would like me to address in a future blog post, please let me know in the comments below.

Thanks again for supporting Blue Radish over these last four years. I have thoroughly enjoyed the ride and look forward to what comes next.

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