Products to support your waste resolutions

Products to support your waste resolutions by Blue Radish

It might be the end of February but are your New Year's Resolutions still alive? What were they? Along with the ubiquitous 'live a healthier lifestyle', one of mine is to reduce my family's waste to landfill. Did you have a similar resolution?

Blue Radish products to help reduce waste

If so, a few of my Blue Radish products were developed to help you.

Insulated Lunch Tote

My insulated lunch totes are designed to be a stylish and practical way to carry your packed lunch to work. They are just the right size for a reusable sandwich box or a container of soup or salad to sit flat on the bottom with plenty of space remaining for your piece of fruit or morning tea snack. If you want to keep your salad or sandwich fresh, pop a frozen freezer brick in the bottom and it will stay cold until lunch time.

Blue Radish Insulated Lunch Bag in Blue Succulent fabric with drink bottle and apple

Insulated Water Bottle Tote

The disposable plastic drink bottle are a major waste item. According to the University of Wollongong, less than 40% of plastic drink bottles are recycled in Australia so over 300 million end up in landfill each year. Taking your own water bottle with you when you go out is an easy solution and my Insulated Water Bottle Totes make it a hands-free exercise! The insulated cover has a removable cross body strap.

Mug Minder

Saying 'no' to disposable coffee cups is another excellent step but taking your reusable coffee cup with you can also be a bother unless you carry it in a padded Mug Minder. The padding protects your mug from bumps in your bag and the waterproof lining will contain any last drips from you cup leaking into your bag. To clean, the whole Mug Minder can be dropped into the washing machine as with all Blue Radish products.

Mug Minder Yellow Trefoil Blue Radish

Plus tea towels and table napkins

Also worthy of a mention are tea towels and linen napkins. Of course these are not products I designed with waste reducing principles in mind but they can both serve a number of waste reducing purposes. Linen napkins, of course, replace paper serviettes but they don't just have to be used on the dining table. Add one to your handbag with a knife, fork & spoon and you can avoid using the disposable versions when you are out.

I've discussed the many uses of a tea towel before in 20 Uses for a Tea Towel but some of the things I use them for in my kitchen, other than to dry dishes of course, are to drain and dry washed veggies and herbs, to cover rising dough and to wrap herbs and veggies in the fridge helping to reduce the amount of plastic wrap and paper towel we use.

To pick up your own waste reducing products, head over to my online shop. All orders within Australia have free shipping.

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Blue Radish has a number of products to support your waste reducing resolution

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