My (re)Introduction to Screen Printing on Paper

Blue Radish Screen Printing on Paper Course

In my element!

Colour testing swatches

Just a really quick post this week because I am not well. I thought I would just quickly share what I got up to last weekend. I did a two day screen printing on paper workshop with Mini Graff at Megalo Print Studio. Have I mentioned how much I love that place?! They have a fabulous public programs schedule. If you want to learn to print – with screen or press – Megalo is the place to go. We had people on our course from Melbourne and Orange. It is worth the trip. Megalo is a one-of-a-kind facility in Australia.

I’m now also a bit in love with Mini Graff. Thanks for a fantastic weekend Wendy! And I’m a convert to printing on paper too. I have printed on paper before. My HSC Art major work incorporated screen printing. It was pretty cringe-worthy looking back on it (to be honest I didn’t really love it at the time either) but I did really enjoy the process then. That introduction to screen printing in high school was the seed that grew into Blue Radish after all.

There is obviously quite a bit of overlap between printing on fabric and printing on paper so there are aspects of the process that I am very familiar with of course. However, there are also big differences. I’ve had a couple of refreshers from the staff at Megalo over the years but I need to ‘do’ in order to have any hope of it sticking in my brain. And unless I am doing something fairly regularly, I tend to forget how. So on the weekend I got to ‘do’ for two full days and it was S-O  M-U-C-H  F-U-N!

We were each able to do a two colour print. Mine was pretty simple and turned out, I think, beautifully. But now I have learnt how to register two colours, I’ll be able to get more adventurous and try something a bit more ambitious. I can’t wait to get back into the studio and start playing.

It will be exciting to be able to start offering some things on paper through Blue Radish down the track such as greeting cards, framed prints and wrapping paper. Watch this space! In the meantime I’m going to have some fun with it just for me.

As I’ve discussed before, trying a new process or medium is a wonderful way to get creative juices flowing again. Have you tried something new lately to fuel your creativity?


First colour down

Second colour down

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