Small economical silk screens are easy to make

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Small economical silk screens are hard to find but easy to make. Setting yourself up to screen print can be an expensive business. Commercial screens don’t come cheap but small screens can be made fairly inexpensively and the process is not difficult. So why not DIY?

I’ve just run my first screen printing workshop at Trove Canberra. I have been wanting to teach the art of screen printing for a while but I’ve been trying to get my head around some obstacles that have been holding me back. One issue has been that, although as a member of Trove I can use the space out-of-hours for workshops, the facilities are a bit limited. The major limitation for screen printing is that at Trove there is just one small kitchen sink. Washing out screens was going to be a problem.

My friend Simone from Oude Voorhuys Designs, however, gave me the idea to print with very small screens. As a result I ran a very successful workshop in May to teach participants how to print greeting cards using screens that are small enough to wash out in the Trove kitchen sink! This has the advantage of also being something the participants will be able to do at home after the workshop

The next hurdle was to find screens to suit my needs. I could have had screens made to the size I need but at considerable cost. So, in the process of nutting out this problem, I realised very serviceable and reusable silkscreens can be made from the frames contained in stretched canvases that are found very cheaply in discount variety stores.

With just a few other bits and pieces, small economical silk screens are within reach. The process to make the screen is straightforward and I explain how to do it in this downloadable PDF.

I hope you fall in love with screen printing just like I did!

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