From inspiration to screen, the evolution of a new design

A peek behind the scenes this week. Last week I printed up a new design. If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook you may have seen it. I want to share the steps this design took along its way to the fabric – and finally into a product. This design was conceived, as many Read More


Learn-to-Sew: Fabric Demystified

Today we are talking about fabric. I don’t need to tell you that fabric comes in a dizzying array of types and weights but understanding fabrics will help you choose the right fabric for your project as well as prepare you for working with that fabric successfully.I mentioned in last week’s post that knit fabrics require Read More


Learn-to-Sew: Setting yourself up to sew

Sewing – where to start?So you’ve decided you want to learn-to-sew but where should you start? Let’s start to talk about the basic equipment you need to get started with sewing.Basic Sewing Tool KitFirst of all there are going to be some basic tools you will need, other than your sewing machine. To start with, you Read More