Ten Great Kids Sewing Sites

Another round up post this week with more school holiday fun. I want to give you a list of websites and webpages which are great resources for kids who want to sew. Searching for “kids sewing” or “sewing for kids” brings up heaps of fabulous resources for making stuff for kids but what if the kids Read More

Learn-to-Sew: Taking accurate body measurements

Measuring your body is important Garment sizing is confusing. There doesn’t seem to be a reliable standard – you might be a Size 12 in one store but barely manage to pull up the zipper on a Size 14 in the next. It doesn’t get much better when you make your own clothes. Pattern companies Read More

Tutorial – Square-based Fabric Bucket

Happy New Year! I’m taking it a bit slow, work-wise, in January with the kids home from school. However, I thought, if you are like me you might be taking the inspiration of the new year to do some tidying and organising. Are you in need a place to stash all those bits and pieces Read More